Two major next steps

Just so the readers of the blog are informed, I will now and then share informaton here about what is needed or planned or in the works.

The next two things that I need to work out as Transitonal Pastor (with the help of other leaders) are these:

  1. I usually work with what is called a Transition Team. This is a team of people who get some training in how churches work as systems, and in transitional processes for systems. They help me run events that we put on (see point 2) and digest and discern and learn from the results of those events. They are usually the group that creates the written answers to the four main questions of this process: Who have we been, who are we now, given that who is God calling us to be(come), and, what kind of pastor do we need to help us get there?                                                                     Because there is strong evidence of leadership burnout at CCC and a corresponding shortage of leaders, I am trying to think creatively about how to accomplish the same thing without creating a new committee. My initial thoughts are to somehow work with the Churches Learning Change leadership (anyone who participated in the Ridder Renewal process) AND as many council members as possible (all would be great) as the Transition Team. Conversations around that are ongoing.
  2. The first event we need to have is a “History review. In that event I will have some prepared material and I will have conversation with whoever attends about what they remember of the history of CCC from it’s beginning. What will be important is not the facts, but the impressions people have, the memories, the meaning they have made of events by the stories they tell. I am hoping to organize that for a Saturday morning in the not too distant future. This information will be documented on a large newsprint sheet to make a visual representation of the history of CCC.



One thought on “Two major next steps

  1. I look forward to being a part of these discussions. The history review component will, I am sure, be interesting, and sometimes painful. Saturday mornings will work for some. Additionally, the Diamond Club and the two CLC “small groups” may also be useful forums. And we have done a number of self-studies in the past that may provide helpful factual information. I understand that these are no substitute for the group reflections that you are proposing; however, they may be used as triggers to get discussions going. I am looking forward to the process!


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