This might be of interest to some


4 thoughts on “This might be of interest to some

  1. I very much enjoyed the history review. It was interesting to.relive some of the highlights and the heartaches of our congregation. It does appear that we have been in a period of relative decline since Pastor Mike left. Our numbers are down and our average age is up! The next stage of this process- identfying a new path forward that reverses this trend in a God honoring manner- will be challenging.


    1. Yes Bill, those are important factors in the trajectory of this congregation. The next town hall, tentatively planned for May 4 will deal with much of that and will show how ‘normal’ that pattern is unless there is enough impetus to move to a different trajectory. We are still dealing with the first of the four-question overall process: Who have we been? and will slightly move onto “Who are we now? in the next one.


  2. Thanks Nancy. That is an important part of the purpose of the exercise – learning of the history by some who have not experienced it.


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