The Disciples (Lords) Prayer

I thought I’d use the blog to acknowledge that I made a cut and paste and editing mistake in the version of what is known as the Lord’s Prayer I introduced yesterday. There was a line missing and I did not notice.

I now wish I had taken more time to prepare you for this version of the prayer. It was the outcome of some deep study I did on it at one time. I studied what Eugene Peterson, Andrew Kuyvenhoven and various Reformed scholars and the Heidelberg Catechism said about it and I gained deep appreciation for it. I learned, for instance, that it is to be considered a model prayer, an outline, not a full script for a prescribed prayer. In fact, in Matthew 6, Jesus warns against prescription prayers before sharing this outline. Jesus says, when asked how to pray by the disciples “Pray like this.” Not “Pray exactly this.” (See TLB Matt 6:7-13) The bible has two different editions of this story with differences in the prayer as well. (Luke 11 is the other one). As an outline, the prayer has structure. There are two main parts. In the first we are taught to take a stance of Looking up to God. In the second we declare our Dependence on God. The core of the prayer is 6 petition statements. The first 3 are what you might call “wishes” or “wants” that we have for God, God’s name, or reputation and action.  The second 3 are wishes or wants we ask God to give or grant us. I’ll share just two other learnings that stood out. Jesus uses the word Abba where we usually have Father in English. But Abba is a more intimate term, more like “Daddy” or Papa. The last thing I’ll point out is that the closing words are not in any of the originals.

Here is the full edition of what I ended up with after that study:

Our Father (Daddy) in Heaven
     May your name be Holy
     May your kingdom come
     May your will be done
           On Earth as it is in Heaven
     Give us each day what you know we really need
     Give us the grace to forgive others as you have forgiven us
     Give us the strength to resist evil
For yours is the kingdom,
     the power and the glory forever, Amen



2 thoughts on “The Disciples (Lords) Prayer

    1. Seems a good thought Nancy. I’ll leave it for others to decide or take action on. Much of the blog is already getting printed and posted on the bulletin board, so if this gets put there people will have a chance to see it. It is always a question of how hard do you ‘push’ information out to preempt hearing “No body told me.”


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