A couple of recommended reads

In the cold rainy days (not using the s-word yet) in the forecast, you might want to curl up in a chair with a warm beverage and do some reading.

Bill Spaans recently brought the following article to my attention, and it is very relevant to some of the questions CCC is asking of herself. Take a read for yourself, It is titled:

Does Jesus’ Mission Have a Church?


“With busy believers neck-deep in personal responsibility, and a similarly frantic church calendar appealing for their most valuable commodity—time—a huge question remains both unasked and unanswered: Who is taking spiritual responsibility for the spiritual harvest that sits neglected all around us?”

Also, if you want to do some deeper, heavier reading that is very relevant to the church and it’s relationship with society today, a first draft report of the human sexuality study committee of the CRC was recently published. Without long preliminary comment, I’ll say it graciously represents a very good presentation of the standard or classic Reformed view of things. It is good to know and understand that view.




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