The video conversation I mentioned on Sunday

I have talked before about my interest in what we who have been watching it call “the Jordan Peterson phenomemon.” I believe he represents a kind of fulcrum moment in our cultural times. I know that he has helped many, mainly young men, improve their lives and relationships greatly.
A pastor acquaintance of mine (we have only been in the same physical space twice, but we have corresponded via an email forum called “CRC-Voices” since about 1995) started making YouTube commentary videos on this phenomenon over a year ago and it has become for him a second job besides pastoring his small congregation. He had been asking me to do a conversation with him, and because I feel kind of drawn to do the same as him (make video commentaries – in other words turn blogging into making videos) but am afraid of the time that would take (and of nobody being interested) I have been reluctant to do the conversation. But I realized that each time I watched one of his videos I wanted to make one myself that added to what was said or challenged it — mostly adding or exploring further. He talks to some interesting people and those conversations stimulate a lot of thinking in me, so I finally agreed to do one.

So, here is a link to that conversation video.

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