Preparation for Town Hall #6:

Clarifying vision and turning it into mission steps we are ready to take

Here is a very distilled summary of participants’ written comments at Town Hall #5, where we started to think about a preferred future for CCC (Vision). If you want, you can go back and see how these statements represent what you wrote by clicking on this text and opening the linked document. These summary-representative statements will be the basis of our work at the Town Hall after bun lunch Sunday January 12th. We will be considering what they mean to us, how to turn them into Mission (action) statements, and we will be starting to consider what we might need to be ready to give up in order to implement them (cost, not just in monetary terms).

Our preferred future is CCC as:

  • A Community Centre/hub of Worship and other activity
  • A Dynamic place of caring
  • Younger and more active than it is

The changes we need to make to get there are:

  • Moving to an external, community focus
  • Attitude/Approach/culture change within the church, adaptation, flexibility
  • Leadership changes to encourage needed adaptation (not maintenance)
  • Facility/Building changes & upgrades

In Seven Years CCC will be a place where we are:

  • Serving the Community
  • Vibrant with activity, music, worship, concerts etc
  • Known to be worshippers of God 

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