Church as town square

When I first read this a few weeks ago, it inspired me. Big time! Trouble is, it is not me that needs to be inspired, but you, members and leaders of CCC. I have had a long history of being convinced that how we shape church (relationally, organizatinally, and physically) needs to change for a new age and time.

Make sure you don’t read this until you are in a place where you want your synapses to start firing and heart thumping in excitement at the possibilies this wakes in you. It’s a vision, so don’t let negativity or beliefs its impossible interfere with your having ideas of your own.

Given the brainstorming we did at the Town Hall today, it is now time to share it.

One thought on “Church as town square

  1. An interesting concept. It would be good to see an example where this has actually already been done. One such example, albeit on a much smaller scale, may be the St. Albert Salvation Army facility. When they embarked on their building project they consciously built it for use by community groups. It would be good to learn from their experiences.

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