Introducing my video channel

I have made a short introduction video for my youtube channel as Pastor Pete which you can see here:


The main purpose of the channel is to communicate via selective audience broadcast with the congregation I am currently serving, motivated by the changed world caused by covid 19 and physical distancing. It is an attempt to keep social distance to a minimum. Beyond that maybe one day to put things I used to do as blog post teachings related to my work as a Specialized Transitional Minister up for quick reference.

I also made a video message that is directed specifically to the congregation at this time. That one can be seen here:

When I create a video on the channel, I have choices about how accessible they will be. So there might be a lot of videos on the channel that can only be seen if you have been given the specific link. Some will be public. There should be a way to subscribe to the video channel, but I haven’t worked that out yet. For now, any videos made for CCC will be posted here as links like above.

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