Who is Pastor Pete?

He is:

  • a child of God and a mostly willing servant of that God;
  • descended from immigrant Dutch parents;
  • the father of five adult children;
  • “grampa” to seven at time of writing (Jan 2019);
  • a Preachers Kid (PK), a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or Global Nomad (GN);
  • someone who had two careers before going into ministry: Backyard Greenhouse builder and Wholesale Florist, each for about 7 years;
  • a graduate of The King’s University in 1989 with a BA in Social Sciences;
  • a graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary in 1995 with a Master of Divinity;
  • a pastor who has served two churches as “called” or “settled” pastor;
  • a person who has experienced the difficulty of divorce;
  • a pastor who has experienced a difficult “Article 17” separation from a church;
  • someone who has worked at an addiction treatment facility, where I learned a lot about myself in being chaplain/spiritual director to others;
  • someone officially approved (by Pastor Church Resources) and educated (by Interim Ministry Network) to function as a Specialized Transitional Minister (STM) in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC);
  • an STM who has served three full contracts to this point (Jan 2019), one in Iowa, one in Southern Alberta, a one year partial contract in First CRC in Edmonton; a full contract at Maranatha CRC in Edmonton, and a 5 month contract in Rimbey CRC.
  • married to Amy Borkent since May 2016. She is a general practitioner M.D. with a family practice in central Edmonton and an active member at First CRC.
    _mpl7003 cropped
    This picture was taken by someone else at a community event
  • someone who enjoys the outdoors and taking pictures. All pictures on this blog will be ones I have taken myself unless otherwise credited. In British Columbia I collected pictures of trees growing from stumps:
  • And since coming to Alberta I collect pictures of abandoned buildings and equipment
  • someone who enjoys traveling the countryside and finding these abandoned homesteads, barns and machinery and looking at them wondering about the dreams that built them and grief of abandoning them.
  • a reflective explorer of ideas in writing, mainly via blogs;
  • someone who has been educated in a school of hard knocks, and has found God faithful, even when not seen or experienced in a “wilderness” time.

Each of the bullet points above have a story or 12 that go with them about the shaping influence of that aspect of my life on who I am now and how I approach being an STM. What is certain is that it is mainly the school of struggle that has equipped me for what God is calling me to do today.

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