The U-Turn Church: New Direction for Health and Growth

11475139 U-Turn Church cover.jpg

Sept 14 note: It has proven to be more work than I think is appropriate to summarize these chapters and write new sermons derived from them, so it is unlikely I will continue updating this page.

This is a page where I will share summaries and quotes related to the U-Turn church book. The plan is to preach sermons on this as we go, and to have table discussions over coffee after the services in which I preach on a theme from the book. As I prepare each section summary I will type it up and activate the link here, possibly doing so for the sermon notes as well. (Sept 2 update: I am realizing I might not have time each week to update this, but will get to it when I can)


Section One: The Beginning of the U-Turn

1: Holy Zeal

2: Urgency

3. Crystal-Clear Vision

4. The Power of Prayer

Section Two: The Middle of the U-Turn

5. Biblical Truths vs. Personal Preferences

6. Unleashing Leaders

7. High Expectations

8. Tough Skin and Soft Hearts

9. Taking Holy Risks

10. Looking Out

11. The “Wow” Factor

Section Three: The Never-Ending Journey of a U-Turn Church

12. U-Turn Myths

13. You-Turns: From You-Turn to U-Turn



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