7 thoughts on “Gaining perspective

  1. Pastor Pete,

    Welcome to CCC. I enjoyed your sermon very much and the new perspective you gave to what
    worship means. Look forward to hearing more of what you have in store for us.

    God Bless,


    1. Thanks Elsie.
      I chucklingly need to say that much of this perspective is maybe ‘lost’ perspective, which makes it ‘seem’ new. But that is part of the point. Psalm 95, (which is pretty old) is reminding us that this thing we do on Sunday called worship is not about us, but about meeting God, having meaningful conversation with God, and that it is dangerous to lose sight of that!


  2. I enjoyed the way you read our Communion Liturgy card. Your emphasis on words made me hear it differently. Thank you.


    1. Thanks Nancy. That is good to know. There were a couple of others who spoke to me after on a similar vein. Meaning is super important to me. Empty ritual words are not. Even if the words are well crafted and historically significant, if they are read without meaning… well… what are we doing?


  3. At our our last CLC meeting, I made mention of that I missed the blessing at the end of the Children’s Story. I miss the connection that occurs between the kids and adults when blessings are exchanged. Any chance this element can be reinstated?


  4. Yes. At WMT we simply decided to suspend it for now (Some deliberate breaks from pastor Dave’s patterns were needed, I felt, and that was my case for dropping it for the time being) and reconsider what to do with that part after Easter. I have a piece I picked up from another church I served that does that well (though it does not require the kids to return the blessing, which I think is appropriate).


  5. The way you approached today’s sermon with the pre-reading questions and then the further unpacking of the Good Samaritan story in a few different ways was truly insightful. I especially appreciated how the concept of ‘being’ rather than just ‘doing’ was brought forward. This reinforces the importance of keeping the ‘spirit’ of God’s laws and commands vs the ‘letter’ of those same laws. That nuance was the punch line of the Sermon for me. Thanks for that!


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