What I read this morning that is relevant to CCC

I recently posted a link to a new combined church Renewal agency for both the CRC and RCA, and this morning got an email link to this article about creating a culture of “yes” toward necessary change.

Nurturing a culture of “Yes”

Becoming a culture of “yes” is going to be important to CCC if the vision and mission we are developing is going to have strength and ownership in the congregation.

Here is another article from the site. It can be a prompt to thinking about “what are our active axioms?” and what axioms do we need to start thinking about. Trouble is, often our axioms are invisible to us, but visible to others.

Shaping Culture Through Axioms

Priming the pump with a different kind of idea:

A couple of months ago my oldest son Byron in Calgary wanted to show me his new office space (they run a high end construction company and usually have an office in a portable trailer on site http://brookwright.ca/). He brought me to this place: https://gotradespace.com/

The outside of the building

The space is really a converted warehouse.

One of my son’s coworkers talking to him through the open door to his office
My granddaughter just stepped out of the picture as I took it.

There is a receptionist and a reception area (in front of the coffee bar you see in the pictures), a boardroom you can book as a resident so you can have meetings with clients, and then there is the “picnic” area with the tables and artificial turf (they had their Christmas gathering there) and beside that are shipping containers that are divided into cubicles that can be used for recording podcasts and other creative ventures. The rest is warehousing space. There’s more but those are some of the things that stood out. Anything can be rented for short periods of time. In fact for a few dollars you can come and work in the reception area for part of a day. This building was adapted to attract those in the building trades (hence the name Tradespace) but the idea can be broadened into other categories, such as community hub.

I have long been interested in the idea of multi use buildings, with flexibility of purpose kinda built into them. This goes in that direction. So, I’m imagining a building like this behind the church, with offerings that are oriented to our area. I think of a preschool, maybe an indoor agility course for dogs (http://www.paceagility.org/), a non-profit coffee shop (https://goodneighbourcoffee.ca/), a community theatre area, some offices for maybe community nursing or something like that. Etc Etc. SOOOO many possibilities!

Maybe there is inspiration in this story too… a local one at that!

186. Canada’s first net-zero church and social housing project

I remember reading this in the papers and thinking: this is SUCH and expression of what the church should be about. There is creation care, humility about the church, and care for the sojourner/newcomer in our midst. Dream big people, our God is vastly capable of more than the biggest dream we can dream!

Church as town square

When I first read this a few weeks ago, it inspired me. Big time! Trouble is, it is not me that needs to be inspired, but you, members and leaders of CCC. I have had a long history of being convinced that how we shape church (relationally, organizatinally, and physically) needs to change for a new age and time.

Make sure you don’t read this until you are in a place where you want your synapses to start firing and heart thumping in excitement at the possibilies this wakes in you. It’s a vision, so don’t let negativity or beliefs its impossible interfere with your having ideas of your own.

Given the brainstorming we did at the Town Hall today, it is now time to share it.


Preparation for Town Hall #6:

Clarifying vision and turning it into mission steps we are ready to take

Here is a very distilled summary of participants’ written comments at Town Hall #5, where we started to think about a preferred future for CCC (Vision). If you want, you can go back and see how these statements represent what you wrote by clicking on this text and opening the linked document. These summary-representative statements will be the basis of our work at the Town Hall after bun lunch Sunday January 12th. We will be considering what they mean to us, how to turn them into Mission (action) statements, and we will be starting to consider what we might need to be ready to give up in order to implement them (cost, not just in monetary terms).

Our preferred future is CCC as:

  • A Community Centre/hub of Worship and other activity
  • A Dynamic place of caring
  • Younger and more active than it is

The changes we need to make to get there are:

  • Moving to an external, community focus
  • Attitude/Approach/culture change within the church, adaptation, flexibility
  • Leadership changes to encourage needed adaptation (not maintenance)
  • Facility/Building changes & upgrades

In Seven Years CCC will be a place where we are:

  • Serving the Community
  • Vibrant with activity, music, worship, concerts etc
  • Known to be worshippers of God