Circle conversation on current situation

To finish our ‘working’ time together on May 4th, we arranged our seats in a circle and I described some basics of the value of a circle conversaton and how a circle conversation works.

500_F_222477248_7caMHj9nINRo32h4kN3WGuKYfRlWY95W ppl in circle

What I value in a circle conversation is:

  • Equality – the circle format is a social leveler, everyone is given equal opportunity to speak (whether they use it or not, it is important the opportunity be given), one at a time. There is no ‘expert.’
  • Visibility – everyone should be able to see each other well in a circle so that no barriers exist and the full language of the body can be heard.
  • Listening mandate – with a talking piece that gives one person the right to speak, comes the duty given to those not holding it to ‘listen’ well. This has been a huge benefit to me, one who quickly wants to speak himself and would interrupt to do so. Now I know my job is to hear, to absorb.
  • It tends to limit a debate-style of dialogue.
  • In a Christian Context, I believe it not only allows what others might call the “Collective consciousness” to be revealed, but it allows the Holy Spirit to move and speak through the words of all.

Format: We all sit in a circle, the facilitator frames the process and the question and starts the passing of the talking piece.

On this occasion we considered three questions in reflecting on the learning of the morning. They were:

First time around:

When, in the past, you have been part of a good group decision making process, how did that go and how did it feel?

Second round:

What stood out for you in the teaching materials this morning?

And the third question was:

Where do you see CCC being at in it’s life cycle, and, given what you have learned how do you feel about where CCC is right now?

I will report my summary of the responses elswhere.

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