Report on Town Hall #6: Clarifying Vision and Mission

We held the Town Hall on January 12th 2020, a very cold Sunday, which brought attendance down quite a bit from previous ones.

After a summary of what the written responses to Town Hall 5 indicated (boiled down into just four words/values it was: Community, Connect, Grow, God) was shared, the Consistory draft Vision statement was presented.

Consistory had unanimously come to this draft vision in a retreat in September:

Where church and community connect and grow

Final approval of the Vision will come later. For now it was striking that the themes were so very much the same in consistory and congregation. Very encouraging! 

Our task at this Town Hall was to begin to turn that Vision into action/mission statements. Those there were invited to brainstorm a bit on the first phrase of that Vision, and how it could become actions.

They were asked to think of it this way: in light of the vision being xyz we will do abc to make that vision reality. Lets start to name some of the possible abc’s when it comes to the idea of “church and community connect.” Here are the responses that were written on the newsprint as they were given: 

  • Outreach
  • Community village
  • Volunteer in local schools 
  • Food bank – volunteering there and in other local organizations
  • Opening up the building to community activities
  • Move away from being “Just the Landlord” to the Preschool – engage with that community
  • Offering community oriented lectures/talks
  • Community Garden
  • Farmers market
  • Sharing the building with other congregations
  • Improve physical access
  • Emergency welcome center
  • Use the land – in conjunction with other organizations
  • Update our Signs
  • Become a community center with activities like sports etc.
  • Off leash dog park

Next we did some brainstorming on “Church and Community Grow” Think of it this way: in light of the vision being xyz we will do abc to make that vision reality.

  • Seminars
    • Faithwalk, Spiritual Disciplines
    • Addiction, Mental Health
    • Fitness Class – yoga
    • Financial, wills
  • Register with City as a facility available to rent
  • Invite city county to hold events here
  • Offer something for every state of one’s spiritual journey
  • Toastmasters, Jordan Peterson type meetups…
  • Music Festival
  • Music lessons / concerts / recitals
  • We need ongoing opportunities to keep growing ourselves.

At this point it was noted that we were thinking only of our local building and we were encouraged to think “outside of that box” as well.

A great suggestion was made that we put newsprint on a part of the wall and give an opportunity for those who could not be present that Sunday to write further responses. That is in the works.

Anyone who wasn’t there can also submit ideas by email to either the office or Pastor Pete.