Town Hall #3 June 23 2019 “Technical to Adaptive to Deep Change to Heart Change”

This will be the main base page for reports and reflections on the third CCC Town Hall that was held June 23 2019. (Note: this page will receive multiple updates over the next weeks or months. I thought I’d start sharing what i have ready and not wait until everything was done) The event had four parts: The worship service and sermon on the theme of “Heart Change”; Table Talks answering two questions over coffee after the service; a communal BBQ meal; then a Circle with two main questions to address.

Some of the info will be found by following links or by downloading things. For example, I scanned the hand-written reports from the tables in the Table Talk. They are available as downloadable files below the two Table Talk questions:

  1. As a table, in 5 minutes or less, come to an agreement about the 3 main technical challenges Christ Community Church is facing today.
  2. As a table, within about 15 minutes, discuss what Adaptive challenge or challenges CCC is facing today, if any. You do not need to agree about them. You don’t need to complete the conversation. Just think out loud together. 

What I will prepare next is a rewritten edition of each report that will be based on the written one and the spoken reports (which I recorded). Here is a link to those same written reports typed out. I have not compared them yet to the recording, and might not get to that.

After that my plan is to summarize the answers to the Circle questions.

The final step will be writing some of my own reflections. Like I wrote above, this could take a few weeks.