Town Hall #4: Our Leadership Challenge

On Sunday Sept 8th we held our fourth town hall after the bun lunch after the service. I did not count exactly, but around 30 people stayed to participate! That is a good portion of the congregation!

In the message I made a clarification between managing and leading, even though we use the word “leading” for both. Running an existing program or ministry and keeping it going is managing, I said. True Leadership is “to always be looking ahead to the preferred future and motivating people toward it.” Both leading and managing are needed.

I related that back to what I had talked about the Sunday before. Vision is an idea or dream of a preferred future. Mission is how you plan to put that vision into action. I see vision as directly connected to proper leading. I see Mission as related to management. Over time, in most churches Management or Maintenance takes over everything. The consistory often becomes so overwhelmed with a need to manage (and they often like it better because it is more technical, more measurable) and lose focus on Vision and Leadership. And the church stagnates.

Remember, I said all that before the Town Hall. It is interesting then to read the responses to the questions you were asked. I’ve compiled and condensed the answers and will put them on separate pages and link them back to this one.

Condensed written responses to the first question at Town Hall #4

Condensed written responses to the second question (coming soon)