# 1 of 3: Dreaming – grouped responses

I have grouped similar statements as best I could, and given the grouping a heading. The groupings that have the most ‘lines’ filled are listed first. In other words, they represent a most frequently touched on theme. There are also lots of individual responses that didn’t fit a group. I’ve listed those at the end. 

In 7 years I dream of CCC being:

Community Centre: Community Centre of Worship w weekly activities;  increased charity in the community; *a strong mission of service in the community; involved in new neighbourhood; community service facilities; post annex; more “in the week” stuff like preschool (daycare) food bank & related help; More fun youth things like skate park/rec centre?; Community Outreach (to needy) programs; community accessed facility Comm meetings, workshops etc.;  people from neighbourhood; known to be a haven for St. Albert; more activities outside of the church; focusing on outreach/service to community; community; outreach;

Dynamic place of caring: A place where It has activity in every day; a moving force in St. Albert, with a strong vibrant congregation; music, drama Young and vibrant; Good music for all;  Drums lively music; with lots of energy; involvement during week days – senior – youth – women – men; People willing to serve in various capacities; good caregiving (fellowships); Is a compassionate ear for people who are searching; with lots of compassion; comfort in each other; inviting, exciting, joyful, lots of hugging and smiles,

Younger:  active youth; a strong youth ministry; good kids programs & youth groups; Strong, active Sunday School; A younger & larger congregation; programs for youth; More young families

13 more younger couples with kids; Filled with more families with young children – that also is actively involved in the church; young families; youth group; more youth/young adults; children’s program; seeing children of children you’ve taught years before

Programs: Active Sunday School with enough teachers; with catechism; Sunday school after or before church so the children and the teachers can join the church; ministry gps – Children – Women’s – Men’s – Bible Studies- Special need with enough people to act on this; seniors programs; AA program (??) – VBS again; 

all ages and multi-cultural: even Mix of old & young; A good mix of all age groups  (kids, young adults, families, seniors); congregation of all ages; Children, teens, young parents; share the building with another congregation of another language and culture

Music and worship: more musicians; a vibrant joyful – noisey (music) interactive congregation; services mostly the same; have a band playing Christian Rock music; vibrant worship; joyful singing; service that people want to go to

Pastor: A Pastor who feels as an equal member rather than absolute leader!;  have a pastoral couple or single that is active in the church – not only preaching; good preaching; Have house visitation by the pastor or the elder

Full Pews: A congregation of a faithful 100 parishioners; Full church; pews are full; more people; More people, especially younger ones.

Consistory/Board with Elders and Deacons; large, healthy & younger consistory; well-guided; Forward thinking leaders with a healthy perspective for the history of the congregation.

welcoming to all;  reputation of being open & accepting of all, without compromising God’s principles & commandments

Seniors residence: have a seniors home; 

Singular responses: Dog park; a strong performing arts component; Place of Hope; Financially Stable;  Perhaps amalgamation with St. Albert Presbyterian church that housed us while other building was being put up: less pressure/anxiety; full time admin; sell the extra land to pay for the process; stick with core Biblical principles like – saved by Grace – Bible is not rules & regs – show grace to all other; in 7 years a good percentage of the current congregation will not be here, & new families need to take over: I pray I’m still here then.