# 2 of 3: Naming the changes needed - grouped responses

Focus and change we need to get to the dream:

External, community focus; determine a real need within our community and then apply our strengths, resources, wisdom and desire to get there. Do we want to do this? What steps are needed to get us there?; actively working on getting, retaining new members; courses, seminars held at church for community in order to attract more members; Get in conversation with the community to see how we can  be involved to help; become known in the community; find people who feel enthusiastic to lead certain new groups/just get people together.; we need to go into our community & find out which churches meet in schools or community centres and would consider partnering with us; we need to go to the community Village and ask if there are programs they want to run but don’t have the facility for;  Become externally focused; proceed in faith; (vs current internal survival approach); act more like extroverts; be more accepting of others different from us; Be willing to try new things outside ???? comfort zone; invite others to come; advertise; be more active in the community; Respond and implement ideas that come forward and not always have it approved; deleg empower responsibility; Community Outreach – Be involved with new annex planning and neighbourhood development; should we do the Stephen’s Ministry again to teach people how to be welcoming?; Reaching out to the community with something like the “Alpha course” or similar courses explaining what Christianity is all about.; We need to do more community outreach;  provide programs for youth; Be more in the community’s face (like let them know we are here for them); Get the word out.

Attitude/Approach change: church could maybe adapt, in a biblical way, to a newer = “younger” way of doing things. So younger families could relate to, and feel welcomed in, “a culture change”; Give & take with regards to Reformed Church liturgy, beliefs, rules if we are to amalgamate not necessary if we just share with another faith except Admin, bldg, Responsibilities; actually be welcoming (speak to newcomers!); follow up with visitors; project as an open & welcoming cong; Patience & endurance. God will provide as He sees fit; increase ??????? by introducing more newer stuff; part of transition what do we need to do to change & what do we need to do to change & what kind of pastor do we need; a lot of self-searching; cooperation with others – e.g. like with the play school now, & more community involvement – food bank etc. blood drives etc.; 

Leadership changes: strong purposeful leadership;  change the mentality of the consistory to enable changes; what needs to be our main purpose or focus or mission in getting there; need a pastor who people will be comfortable with (who will attract new people); patience and indurance; Get strong mature leader to stay motivated but also flexible and growing;

Facility/Building changes: need to go to the county and see about subdividing the land; Plan new facilities possibly; we need to add on to the building to be able to accomodate members and programs; concern is space for Sunday school; ????? (families); classes; Take not on what size seating is required for growth

Return to focus on making us strong: stop looking to change and start focusing on growth and commitment and prayer *stability is the basis of growth; focus on the ccc first before going to global items – a strong “church family” is required to accept new members and to support outside of this 

Find other groups to use (support) the building: start talking to other churches; Start talking to other Christians;- advertise; open house

Singular responses: Meaningful Worship; dream of a lot more people in our church; have a bus to pick up seniors (a small bus)

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