# 3 of 3: The vision – grouped responses

In Seven Years CCC will be a place where _____________________

Community is served: people are attracted to us because of our service to the community and the love we show to people; the community is served by providing services and programs; many people are positively affected by the church, it will be community minded, and Known in the community, with members that are accepting of each other; we are serving community needs; where the community comes for fellowship and encouragement; where all people are welcome to be authentic and grow.; Accepting of others as a whole being regardless of who they are or where they are at on their life’s journey; Walk with them on their spiritual journey; community feels connected to the church; more people feel drawn to come to for worship and fellowship and to get to know the Lord better.

There is vibrancy: we are full every Sunday; lots of modern music; have an outgoing Pastor with awesome sermons; overflowing Xmas concerts.; vibrant music and worship occurs throughout the week; we become known in the community as a strong growing church; there is a large healthy & prosperous congregation who are caring & loving people who love God; growth is visible – and ongoing both visually and spiritually

God is worshiped: worship God;  the community can come and worship / learn and feel fed with God’s Word (without worrying about “what’s next”); Praising God & learning about Him; cheerful & happy worship; lots of activities that bring joy to God & our neighbours

I feel like part of a Family: my family and I can come to praise the Lord, feeling cared for and part of a family; there is family growth; Families can grow in Christ; 

There are activities and programs: we have youth camps and outreaches and community get togethers; I can meet friends for a joyful, energizing worship service and later in the week meet my friends for a craft class or bible study

I experience spiritual growth: I can learn and develop a closer relationship with God;

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