Sermon discussion (and review)

I’ve created this page to list summaries of the sermons I preach and as a place where comments and discussion can happen about them. Click on the coloured/underlined text to go to another page and read some summary notes (that is the page it is best to make comments from). It seems you need to hover your mouse over the text to see that it is a link. 

Addition March 18th. As a result of some conversations, I am going  to try put up some questions to reflect on about the passages I plan to preach on next.

Sermon 5: Luke 10:25-37 “Neighbouring”

Questions to consider (these will not necesarily be addressed in the sermon): Who is testing whom in this passage? Does the expert in the law pass the test? Does Jesus? What is your understanding of why the questioner keeps going after Jesus says he has answered well in vs 28? Do you like that Jesus answers with a story or would you have preferred a more specific answer to the question “Who is my neighbour”? In Jesus’ time, if a story or parable was told, hearers would expect to find themselves represented in the parable. Which character are you in the parable Jesus tells? Which character is Jesus or God? Which is the expert in the law? Does he see himself in there at all? In the end, was the final question difficult to answer for the man? Think back to the probably many sermons you have heard on this parable. Think of how they may have motivated you to try to “do” what a “Good Samaritan” does in order to be a good follower of Christ. Now go back and read it all again, watching for emphasis on “doing” and on “being.” Who is focused on each of these in your view? What does that tell you about our approach to being followers of Jesus. Is it a doing or a being?

Sermon 4: Luke 11:37-41; with Mk 7:1-8, 20-23 as background reading. “Cleaning the Inside.”  

Sermon 3: Psalm 95:8-11 – Expect God to speak change into life

Sermon 2: Psalm 95:1,6,8 – Three ‘movements’ “Cheer, Cherish, Change”

Sermon 1: Psalm 95:1,2,6 – The threefold “come along, let’s go” and meet with God.