Sermon 11 – Transition “From River Rat to Royal Rug-rat”

May 17: Exodus 2: 1-10 “From River Rat to Royal Rug-rat”

Discussion Reflection Questions: Who gets mentioned by name in this passage? (1-10) Who is not? Is God mentioned? Is God active? What echos from what has already happened and maybe will yet happen in the bible are in this story? (Helper prompt: think about being saved from being on the water). What moved the princess to save the baby? Why would Moses family “give him up”? What do you think Moses’ mother was trying to do by putting him in the basket? (1-4) Was she intending him to be found and adopted out? Was she expecting God to intervene? What disadvantage or advantage would it be for Moses to grow up ‘royal’?

This message focused on how this account is an echo from the past (saved from dangerous water) and a pre-echo of another ‘one son’ who became vulnerable to ‘the powers’ in order to save. The account has built into it, but someone not visible to the Modern Western understanding, the underlying fact that the women are acting on the side of Life or God’s Creation forces/laws while Pharaoh is increasingly acting on the side of Death in order to protect his power/status as ‘god.’ I pointed out a number of actually humourous reversals in the passage, which make the story into a ‘joke’ of sorts where the joke is on Pharaoh and all he stands for.

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