Sermon 2 “Rejoice, Revere, Respond”

Sermon 2: Psalm 95:1,6,8 – The Psalm shows three more movements after the sequence of “come” stated 3 times with three different verbs, each indicating getting closer to the Presence of God. These next ‘movements’ can be taken as indications of three key phases of worship “Cheer, Cherish, Change” or “Rejoice, Revere, Respond.”

Whichever set of words you prefer, this sequential pattern is in this Psalm. It is a good guidance for the form of our worship today. Spend time Cheering God, spend time Cherishing God, then go home Changed for having been in God’s presence.

Worship is also depicted as being engaged in as an enthusiastic, mutually encouraging community. “Let us” is found 5 times in the first 6 verses…

Worship is also to be a ‘full body’ experience. Not just the brain, not just the heart…

In Worship, we expect to hear from God. That will be fleshed out in the next sermon