Sermon 20 July 28 — Rom 12:1,2 “In this world but not of it’s ways”

Sermon 20 July 28 — John 17:14-16; 18:33-38; Phil 3:18-21; Rom 12:1,2 “In this world but not of it’s ways”

Discussion/Reflection: There were no discussion questions prepared.

Summary: In the passages we find the concept of followers of Jesus being “in” the world but not “of” the world. This sermon was about exploring what that means and might look like.

Culture is a commonly understood set of symbolic communications within a group of people. It is a “way of being and functioning together.” Babel was an example of cultural breakdown. I think I will end our looking at the culture gap with a sermon on Babel. Culture is how you live out your values — your view of what is important and how the world works. Every culture will put resources into what it values like the Romans did with roads, some of which still exist apparently. What scripture tells is in general, but specifically in our texts is that followers of the Triune God are to “be in the culture of this world, it but not subscribers to its core values.”

In” means we live in the same material world as everyone.

Not of” means we have a different value system. Our values system, when we live it out in culture makes our activity different… Next Sunday’s sermon will explore that.


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