Sermon 31 – “The Supper ties past present and future together”

Sermon 31 Oct 13 – 1 Cor 10:16-17; Ex 12:12-17; text Rev 19:6-9 “The Supper ties past present and future together”   Thanksgiving service

This was a message designed to aid a worshipper’s reflection on time, or timing, and how the communion commemoration has meaning-ties to God’s past promises which have been fulfilled, and looks ahead to those still to be fulfilled. It has a layer of meaning tied to the blood of the special sacrificial lamb of Passover in Egypt, connected by Jesus to the willing giving of his human lifeblood as the only truly innocent and obedient sacrificial lamb. It carries all that meaning and  more (sometimes it can be overwhelming to take part in communion and think of these things) in the present moment of partaking! The commemoration sacred assembly does even more than that: It looks ahead to and contemplates the beauty of a time still to come, when all God’s children who were part of the bride of Christ (organized as the church) are brought together from all times to celebrate in a wedding feast the beauty and satisfaction of which exceeds any feast on earth.