Sermon 8 “The Ten Posts”

Sermon 8, April 21: Ro 3:20; 8:1-8: Gal 3:23-27 “The Law as Ten Posts”

Reflection Questions: What are all the things the resurrection changed? We say “everything changed” but it helps to break that down into specifics. This sermon will explore how our relationship to the law has changed in Christs death and resurrection. In this sermon I intend to explore one big change I have learned to see. These passages give us a guide to seeing that change. In Romans 3:20 does the apostle Paul give any hope of us being able to follow the law and being seen as righteous because of it? What does the law make us aware of? (think of the expert in the law who wanted to justify himself). In Romans 8:1 Paul gives a great assurance that there is no ________________ for those belonging to or “in” Jesus. In your own words, what is Paul saying in the rest of that verse? What is the law of the Spirit who gives life to you? What is the law of sin and death? In the couple of verses that follow, what makes the law uneffective in us? How does God fix that? Starting in verse 5 he talks about living by two different ‘ways.’ What are they? What’s the difference? In Gal 3: 23-25 what are two descriptors used to explain the law’s relationship to us? Is that relationship or role between us and the law still in place? If so, how and why, if not, how and why?

Main points of the sermon (thought they may not have been presented that way but in a parable/story)

1. God is about Relationship and since “The Fall” God is about restoring it. (more on that in my next sermon [#9] in two weeks)

2. The Law was originally given as a guide to how to have Relationship with a Holy Pure God through obedience and sacrifice. Like the full fence in the story it was meant to keep people safe within Gods care and ‘reach.’

3. It didn’t work. Jesus had to come and be the perfect human sacrifice instead of us dying to make the way back to relationship with God possible.

4. Since then, the Law is not a solid fence. The law remains as 10 posts. We have the freedom to stay inside them, or to wander outside of them. But the farther we wander, the more our relationship with God will be strained. If we value the relationship with God, we will turn around (repent) and move back inside the posts.

One thought on “Sermon 8 “The Ten Posts”

  1. Thanks Audrey. I’m very glad it illustrated scripture’s teaching for you and one key difference Christ’s dying and rising makes.
    The time this illustration came to mind is an amazing memory for me. I was pondering (OK grappling with) the role of the ten commandments today (I was in a congregation where people were accustomed to it being used to ‘beat themselves up over their sinfulness’ and were requesting I whip them again with it each Sunday). I knew in my soul and mind they were not primarily a ‘whip’ anymore, but was having trouble grappling and figuring out and explaining that and trying to imagine how that all worked. And then this illustration came to mind and made sense especially given the parables, and what Paul wrote.


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