An Encouraging Observation

One of the things I think I am observing at CCC is that there is a wide awareness ‘something’ needs to change. That is a good starting point! That’s my encouraging observation. It gets a little less easy from here.

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There is a much-bandied truth that any organization is perfectly set up to achieve the results it is getting. “Of course,” we say, when we think it over. We see the truth of that self-evident statement.

If we want different results we need to examine what needs to change in order to get a new outcome.

This is where it gets difficult. Often we can’t ‘see’ what we are doing that creates what is currently happening. On top of that, maybe we really do not want to change ourselves. We possibly want the world to change to accommodate us. Or we don’t want to look at how the world around us has changed and how what we have been doing worked fine 50 to 100 years ago and now is comfortable for us.

I’ll give just one example. There was a time, one or two generations ago, when people who wanted church would seek it out. In those days the church was a strong social agency, central to civic life. The church threatening to discipline you had weight. Today, my experience is that people outside the church have little to no idea that the church, well done, offers something of great, eternal value. Much of that is our own fault. I’m talking about the church in general here. So good luck with waiting for people to come to us, as church.

46519627_10161275606465121_4823119076496769024_o abandoned church

But if we stay in even just that one expectation that was valid in the past: “if we build it they will come,” we will not have people making a path through our doors. 

So, we need to begin thinking about what outcome we want (or that we think God wants) that is different that the one so many are ‘restless’ with. That’s what I’m here to help you do. But I won’t do it for you. That would be unfair.